Multi 21 Podcast 3: Pirelli Pain in Spain

More fun and frantic action in Formula One in 2013 at the Bahrain Grand Prix!
Multi 21 Podcast 3: Pirelli Pain in Spain
Yet another race that saw tire management and talk of the Pirellis at the forefront. Gaz and Scott give their thoughts of the Spanish GP through the lens of the debate around the current tire situation in F1.
Spanish GP Full Race Results
Pirelli to investigate di Resta’s tire failure
Pirelli can bring back processions if asked
Pirelli tire changes to be in place for F1 Canadian GP
Force is with Paul di Resta as he eclipses the rest of the Brits at the Spanish GP–8613169.html
David Coulthard wants to see drivers flat out
Senna Versus Prost by Malcolm Folley

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